Rithuraj Nambiar

    Once upon a time there lived a man named Peter. He was a person who wanted to know about the mysteries of magic, simultaneously there lived another man named John, he too wanted to about all the magic. They both met many magicians but no one knew the secrets of magic. If anyone ever knew the secrets, it was incomplete. They thought of going to a master of magic. They both asked about the secrets to the magician at the same moment. That white Magician maintained silence for some moments, he disappeared leaving behind an old kind of paper which was torn into two pieces. It also had something written on it. Peter took the paper in his hand and read it, it was written ‘go to Eagle's Nest and have all….’ They both became friends and searched every source for getting information about Eagle's Nest. And then when they got the news from a man that there was a book which gave information about Eagle's Nest that was in India, they took the very next flight and reached India. And then they understood that they had to go to Europe and have a half way journey to North America to reach Eagle's Nest. They were near to Eagle's Nest that they were washed away by a big sea wave onto an island, when their eyes were open they thought that they were on Eagle's Nest but according to the technology they had they were on an another island near Eagle's Nest when they took the book and read it they understood that they were on Phayra. Peter was putting on the tent and John was reading the book he saw the map of Eagle's Nest as well as of Phayra.
               They saw a mountain in front of them, so they decided to go to the end of the mountain and cross it but they saw a big wall that seemed to be touching the wall, so they both decided to climb the mountain and then go to the other side, after walking for a long duration they were near to the tip of the mountain there was a separation of the way which met near the tip. Peter said “Take the right way and I will take the left way and then meet near the tip of the mountain.” They both agreed and then Peter started walking whereas John rested and then a voice wakened him up saying “start walking or else your companion will be killed.” He was scared that his friend shouldn’t die so he started walking. Those ways were the magical ways that gave the people Black, green and White Magic. Peter was on the route that gave green and White Magic. On the other hand, John on the route that gave Black Magic. Peter was introduced to a soul whose name was Ron and simultaneously John was introduced to ghost Rick. The both ghosts told about them about their opposition and not telling about their Magic to the opposite. They both met each other at the end of the way, i.e. at the tip off the mountain there was a broken bridge that connected those island. They both discussed and decided that they will be going by the ropeway. John climbed the tree and attached the rope to one tree on Phayra and the other tree in Eagle's Nest. They were tired and at last reached Eagle's Nest.                                                      
As they reached Eagle's Nest they were too tired and decided to rest near Lectoreck village. They were now near that village as they entered that village they were seen by a small child that shouted something and all the people gathered and took them towards the house of George, George wasn’t present in his house. So they started looking at the pictures on the wall, at the mean time those people left the house. They saw a picture that looked alike as the paper given by that White Magician. As they were to take the picture George entered the house and attacked them. They said “why are you attacking us?” George replied “I don’t like Black Magician in my house.” Peter replied “I am not a Black Magician.” The gestures of John changed so George attacked John he dogged that attack and said “you will not be able to catch me.” And he disappeared with a Black gas.“I knew these things but I was waiting for a good chance to kill him, but …” said Peter. John replied “I know, but he will not be able to get the Magic’s as the half paper is with me.”Peter removed the paper from his bag and George removed the paper from the wall and joint them through Magic.                         George said “You might have got the water Magic and so ……” Peter interfered and said “………Water Magic from where do we get it.” George was shocked and he said “you didn’t collect water Magic.” He controlled himself. So they both went to Phayra and collected water Magic. Now they decided to go to all volcano to collect the remaining volcanic stones except the one with George.
Jorett volcano
Peter and George decided to go to Jorett volcano. It was and a quiet volcano. But still there were lava in some parts of volcano. So they had to be alert, but to be scared as they had the original map of that volcano. So they went to the secret route as shown in the map in the book. They went inside to achieve the stone as they entered there was a demon standing in front of them, he was too angry, but as he saw the book in the hands of Peter he controlled his   anger and disappeared. Now they saw that the book indicated that they had to cross a bridge which was on lava. So they thought that the water power will be useful. So they went and crossed the bridge and reached near to Jorett volcano stone. As they were going out there was a yellow stone which was shining they had to collect such 32 stones in Jorett volcano. As they reached near the way to get out of the volcano, a ghost stopped them as they were tired walking continuously the ghost attacked them, but still Peter and John gave reply to the ghost by some combos. Finally, they killed the ghost now in all they had 20 Gems.
Shark Island
They were up to the shark island now. They had reached near Shark Island which was a bit away from Phayra and Eagle's Nest. They were attacked a man or a Shark or we can say it was a Sharkman on the way to that island. He started attacking Peter and John, with same force Peter and John too attacked Shark man. Finally, with more force ever Sharkman attacked Peter and for the surprise it was dashed with Peter. George attacked Sharkman with all force he had and Sharkman was killed. John sailed the ship to the shore and tried To wake Peter up but all was in vain.  Finally, John moved a gem over the head of Peter and he woke up. George was happy.                            They followed the map and collected all the gems, now they went to Shark magic to collect the Magic as they went near the cave a Sharkman again appeared and started attacking them this time they both were tired but still managed to attack Sharkman. Sharkman managed to go to the cave as he was badly injured, he came with some more Sharkman and combined themselves to be became a giant monster. They couldn’t attack that monster as it was the better of all a man jumped out of the tree kicked that monster from back and took a stone from his bag and threw it towards that monster nothing happened that man made a shield and handled Peter and John on his shoulder and took them into the cave and those demons were freeze. That man helped Peter and George to sit down, Peter asked “who are you and why did you help us.” That man replied “I am Sam, an only person who could defeat Sharkman” George said “oh! Then you might have Shark Magic too.” “No! I know how to defeat that demon but not to achieve that Magic as I don’t have Water Magic” said Sam. They all entered and achieved Shark Magic. “Ok! Now we should go to Shark stone also to achieve it” said George. As they reached near Shark stone arrows marched, cannon balls attacked them Sam protected himself by creating a shield around him, Peter went over the sky and made those attacked arrows and cannon balls to attack the source of it, whereas George tried to get to the main source by rolling over the ground through a protected shield. George was not finding the main source. He was still moving ahead, in the meantime Peter asked Sam “from where did you get these powers.”   
Sam replied’’ when I was a small boy I was fond of action I had many fractures because of the addiction to that magical powers once I was taken to a Magician he told me to go alone to Shark island. That Magician asked for the permission to my parents and he teleported me from that place and took me to Shark Island and in Shark Island a Magician gave me some Magic to survive over here.” George moved ahead. They reached near a house which were attacking arrows and cannon balls. They destroyed that house. The house was destroyed and a stone came from the ground a beautiful green gem. They took it. As they were near the shore a wall rose till they the sky they were not able to climb it to. George was searching for the way to get out of here and Peter was looking carefully at the gem he noticed that the gem was turning too hot, so he poured some water on the leaf and kept the gem in it the gem turned red, at the same time John found a vacant place and the wall was lowered down, Peter said “I think that it might be the Shark stone as we needed shark stone to go out through the Shark island.” They reached Eagle's Nest safely.
Red magical cave
As they reached Eagle's Nest and then went to red magical cave. The cave was completely red there were only 3 ways to enter the cave, George said’’ we all should go from a single route because like John we shouldn’t have a rotten amongst us, so they all took the 2nd route. As they reached the half way there again was a two-way route they again took the 2nd route but this time Sam couldn’t enter inside that route Sam felt that   he was hit by a wall, Peter noticed that somewhere it was written ‘only White Magician’ Peter understood that Sam was none other than John so he attacked with some Magic and John took the first way and started running ahead. Peter and John too started running towards the stone and ha the red magical stone which contained red Magic. John appeared there and Peter was told by George to run and George was attacking John was defeated by him and as they were moving towards the end the cave was started moving and it was at the verge of being destroyed. And now Peter also had Red Magic.  Yellow Magical Cave After getting Red Magic. Peter decided to go yellow magical cave but still Peter wasn’t happy as he didn’t come to know about the secret of Red Magic, so he said “George you take rest at the mean time I will go to Red Magical Cave and get to the secret of Red Magic.” John was upset because he couldn’t get Red Magical Cave before Peter and John. Rick came out of John’s body and said “John don’t be upset there is a way to make for the loss, go to Red Magical Cave Peter is coming there you should take him under your custody by making him prisoner. John agreed. He went running to the Red Magical Cave. Peter was seen from far, John made a trap for Peter and his trick was successful. George was waiting for Peter, John got in the face of Peter and went to George, and they went towards Yellow Magical Cave. On the other hand, Peter was trapped in the Magic of John.                                   George sensed a Black Magic with him. But still he didn’t respond because he understood that Peter wasn’t walking with him so he thought that it might be John who has trapped Peter and have planned to get other Magic. So he changed the route and went to Red Magical Cave. John asked “hey, George where we are going” George replied “you will be able to know when we reach there. “They reach near Peter he was screaming for help. John turning himself into a Black flame and he disappeared George freed Peter John reached Yellow Magical Cave. He also reached near Yellow Magical Stone, that he noticed that before taking that gem there were some empty places to be filled, he went near the gem, and hid behind the place where Yellow stone was kept. As George and Peter reached there they too saw those empty places, so they took a neared look and noticed that the second and third empty place looked as if it had some gem in it so Peter said “I think the first place is of Red Magical Stone.” And so George took the Red Magical stone from his bag and put it in the vacant place, but still nothing happened so they kept the Yellow Stone which they had achieved in Jorett volcano there, as it was small. And for the pleasant surprise that Stone changed into that shape, John peeped out and saw the vacant places completely filled so he jumped out and tried to get the Yellow Magic into his control but Peter stopped him and then John attacked Peter harshly and at the same time Peter too attacked John. They both fainted, and Ron and Rick came out of their body and they had a harsh fight Ron was injured but Ron’s single attack made Rick lean down. Finally, the end of the attack Ron defeated Rick. Peter woke up, simultaneously John disappeared. George who was watching it too fainted. He was bleeding from his eye, and he was bleeding from his eyes. Seeing this Peter rushed towards Lectoreck to have a good treatment. He reached there at correct time his life was saved. Doctor said “he has some kind of allergy which has caused him as eye bleeding. He is not still not alright his Magical power has caused harm to himself.” Peter replied “you can have all his powers in a box and return it to him when he is alright.” George couldn’t speak as he was fainted. Peter took all his power and he was now just a simple man Peter went away for getting some fruits, water and other thing for him he again went to Red Magical Cave there was not the Cave in which they went but there was a house which was old. Peter entered the house and he was surprised to see the garden in it. He saw a man meditating under a tree. Peter went towards that old men. When he was near to that old man. He said “come my child, I was waiting for you Peter. Peter was shocked. As that old man knew his name. Old man said “I will tell you the secret of Red Magic.”
The secret of Red Magic
                                                “I am Roger; Roger Amit I am from India. I was also the same as you. I had come here for getting the secret of Red Magic. I got the secret of Red Magic from Roger Ron, he was my master. Peter began to move and Ron came out of his body. Ron told Amit “I am here; Amit I now don’t have any Magic.” Peter was shocked on seeing Ron and Amit together. Peter asked Amit to tell the secret of Red magic. Ron returned to Peter’s body and again Amit started the story, “as you know there were World War I and World War II. The place where the bomb was left. A big explosion took, do you remember and when it happened the people of other world were having watch over the planets to get information about other living things that those aliens.one of them landed on the earth and to the surprise a man was a victim of a strange Magic which was later known as ‘the Red Magic’ due to the color of rays. Then when he was dying he stored his Magic in a gem and kept it secured in that Cave. And listen Peter ‘how ever a man removes his Magical power and give it to anyone those powers will never be over in himself’ then go on your journey I did my work get to all caves and be the best Magician ever.” Peter thanked that man. And as he stepped out of that Cave a beautiful pigeon came and sat on his shoulder, he noticed that the pigeon had something tied on his leg it was a paper, when he took the paper and read he disappeared from there and went to the place where John was kept in. the doctor said “I knew that the box would be attacked by someone or other so I had kept another box in place of it and that man has taken away that box, so they all went to that doctors house and when they reached there the gems was missing from there too. George and Peter blamed that doctor. Peter told George that he had some Magic still but still George was unhappy when Peter asked him the reason, he said “it’s because now Peter also have all the Magic that we have and he can also defeat us” Peter replied “don’t be upset the ways that have went wrong will get into turn and get connected to the right way the only thing we should do is be positive bro!!” Peter asked “now can we go to Yellow Magical cave and get to the secret” George replied “now this time I will also come as I am alright come on let’s go.”
George was shocked to see the house in place of that Cave but not Peter but when they entered that house they both were shocked that they were into the world of dinosaurs when they were looking around they saw a bird which was one of the dinosaur came and stood in front of them, they didn’t take that ferry as they thought that it might be the trap of John and as they stepped ahead all the dinosaurs started shouting so they took the ferry and started flying alas! It was not the trap of John it was the ferry to palace which belonged to the Great Magician Smith.As they reached near that palace George said “this door is so huge that a hug mammoth would welcome us” as he finished his words the door opened and a mammoth in front, Peter said “George close the door “and the door was closed Peter said I think that this is a wishing door so we should wish what we need and not anything else. Peter said “shall Magician smith welcome us” and the door opened and Magician Smith was standing before them, he steeped ahead the palace disappeared and the step and one by one all the dinosaur disappeared leaving behind a ground. Smith raised a tornado and sat before it. And he said “any special reason for coming here boys” Ron was talking to Peter which was not to be able to heard by George and Smith “He is a very aggressive person I remember him as I had given him some, magical powers” Ron came out of his body. Smith stepped out of the tornado and they saluted each other. Ron said “we both were in army with all the magicians as that time all magicians were given by our general Magician Smith would tell the story of the secret of Yellow Magic to these boys.” And Ron returned to the body of Peter. George was shocked that the great Magician in the front of them. Smith started his words, “when I was in army I used to be a healer. I had Magic which was created by me and Roger Ron. We couldn’t successfully create that Magic, and my grandfather defeated the opponent village and we were told to go and check whether the king is completely died and all other people are safe, we found that the people were safe and then we went toward the king’s palace to check whether the king was completely died and when we entered there we didn’t find the dead body and as we were searching we found the dead and body and along with it we also found something shinning in the corner of that palace and it was two gems that was shining I took a gem and the other I gave to Roger Ron. Ron started knocking the gem and alas it had cracks on it and there was another gem inside it and I took it and there were Yellow colored rays all around and then when we went to our private laboratory and when we entered there those Magic also entered in to my body and when I threw my hands ahead there were Yellow colored rays, so I gave the Magic the name ‘Yellow Magic’.” “Oh!” replied Peter “this was the secret of Yellow Magic thank you Roger Sam for providing me this knowledge” and then Sam said “listen Peter and anybody will not loss all Magic.” And then he disappeared.
Black Magical Cave
                               Peter and George were tired of getting into routes and decided to rest in saffron volcano. John came to know about it and he was planning to go to Black Magical cave as he wanted more Magical power to defeat Peter and John, so he went to Black Magical Cave when he came near that Magical Cave he saw a big ghost which was as big as mammoth, John used multiple tackle attack and multiplied himself. That ghost was confused, so he ran towards that Cave and when he returned he was with a big army, John was in a shield so he was safe but not completely. Those demons attacked John and he too multiplied himself and started attacking that demon. John used a great strategy to kill those demons he said that technique as   The Two Diamonds strategy these tricks were used during the rule of Black Magicians over the 0 world it was known as three diamonds but as John was not completely aware of those magician’s attack so he used the two diamonds technique, they all made two diamonds and slowly moved ahead destroying all demons. Then he was near the Black Magical Stone, and on the other hand the saffron Cave in which Peter and John were sleeping in the sense Peter was sleeping but not George, he was meditating and having a look over all the moves of George and he was waiting for a good chance to interfere. John was about to take the gem that a man crushed the wall and interfered him, his name was Frango. He used to live on the roof of that Cave with his brother actually he had two brother but he was always against him so he died in another attack. This time John was too confident and as usual he said to himself “I could easily defeat him as I have Black Magic” in that case John was wrong as Frango was a master of attacking. John said “come on! We will make a deal that you hand over the Stone and I will not kill you.” Frango replied “Leave about my life think about your life and you went a bit wrong in the deal you should make deal that you will not be killed by me.” “Don’t joke you small child.” Said John. George woke Peter up and took him to the Black Magical Cave. Peter attacked John and side by side protected that Stone Sam was too trying to attack him but they all were failed; John was totally achieved by that Black Magic. Peter and John started running ahead and also took Frango with them. John was also curious about the secret of that Magic              
To Be Continued.........