Bullsnake Reproductive Decisions

Jackie Culotta

Once upon a time, in Spring, specifically, there was a bullsnake that had just reached sexual maturity. This is their first opportunity to reproduce, and you're going to assume their role and help them make decisions to maximize their reproductive fitness.
As a member of the species <i>Pituophis catenifer sayi</i>, you ought to know that your kind are non-venomous snakes in the Colubridae family, which includes nearly two thirds of all living snake species. You are constrictors, and feed on small mammals, birds, and other reptiles. Your species' range extends from central Mexico, through the Great Plains region, and up to southern Canada. You're sort of an ornery bunch, and are often aggressive when confronted; this has earned you all the common name bullsnake.
Snakes exhibit sexually dimorphic reproductive behaviors. Are you a male or female bullsnake?
I'm a female bullsnake
I'm a male bullsnake
But neither sex nor gender are binaries!