The Way of Flame

 Zachary Richardson

The cool morning breeze meanders it's way up your night gown, making you search franticly for some covers. You quickly envelop yourself in the sheets, which you find are no longer on your side of the bed.
Rubbing your face and legs against the soft fabric of the bed you try to get warm. You silently curse your younger brother for leaving the outside door open and tearing the sheets off both of you when he flew out of bed to relieve himself in the snow patched yard.
Still shivering you hear the voice you had been dreading "Rachel, you need to get up also. Your father needs your help delivering fire wood into town and he can't afford to wait on you. He wants to get paid today. You can sleep in tomorrow."
It was your mothers voice, lacking even an ounce of pity.
Ignore her and stay in bed
Get up before she gets angry