Untitled Story


Terrified, Herbert finished packing his suitcases at last. “I’m going to India, I’m going to die...” roamed those thoughts in his head. With jittery hands, he put on his army suit and looked at himself in the mirror, tears then started rolling down his cheeks, thrusting his cap aside in anger. “I’m never getting out alive, I’m never going to see my family again” cried Herbert, and as the last word was spoken, his mom entered the room. He looked up at her admiringly and smiled. He always loved his mother for she never failed to be on his side.
“It’ll be fine”, said Mr. White, trying to hide his tears, “you will be okay, you will survive, and you will see us again. In fact, I have a strong feeling that you will come back as a hero, a hero carrying victory and pride, just like I always held you with pride.”
“Even that one time I failed a high school year?” asked Herbert humorously.
“No Herbert, not once” smiled his mom reassuring him.
“Thanks mum, you endlessly stand on my side and never let me down, you bring my hopes and spirit up, and I’ll never be able to thank you enough for that” replied Herbert.
“I have you in my life Herbert, and that’s enough for me” replied Mrs. White grinning, “Now enough talking, you’ve got a war to win” she said, balancing the cap on her son’s head.
Herbert then took his suitcase with a high spirit, and was ready to leave. They all entered the car, and Mr. White carried them to the train station.
“You were well raised my boy, and I will be always proud of you. Be brave out there, and remember what I had taught you. May god be with you”, thought the father while looking at his son leaving for war.
Two months later, the British army was invading the land of wonders, India. “Booosh…..” sounds of explosions were filling the sky. Herbert was behind a rock, waiting for the perfect time to go out and shoot. He was eyeing a tall and burly soldier from the counter army, waiting for the perfect moment. But then, he noticed that the once presumptuous soldier was slowly retreating, revealing a place emitting a ray of light. He then saw the mysterious object, realizing that it was a stone, “a special one” thought Herbert, but he quickly propelled it in his pocket and continuing the battlefield.
After one year and six months, the British army was finally able to carry victory on November 1st 1858. Herbert, who was proud of his great role in the war, took the stone out of his pocket and thanked it for its fortune. On the way to the airport, he met a fakir who quickly distinguished the stone, and hurried to Herbert trying to seize it from Herbert’s hands “Show me, the stone” addressed the fakir with annoyance. Herbert reluctantly let the old man observe the stone. “Oh… punishment…god” said the fakir in a smile only to realize what he said. “This stone will grant you wishes, three of them, but it will also grant bad things, so throw it young man, it has never brought good. But, if you were a fool to use it, wish for something practical”, the old man said in a low, yet determined tone. Confused, Herbert lifted the stone and returned it to his pocket and left in order for him not to miss the flight, yet he was sure that the old man was angry.
Option 2: “I wish for a new pistol, for hunting” whispered Herbert, and as the last word came out, the stone started vibrating in his hand and then fell to the floor. “Whatever, like magic exists” said Herbert as he left his room in annoyance, only to greet his fractional fate. “So, did it work, did you get the pistol?” asked Mrs. White jokingly. “Yeah, I received it, didn’t you hear the shooting sounds, the maids ran away from terror, ha” replied Herbert. nnn “You jester. Well, your father will be late again, working for his greedy boss. If only something can take his boss away, you should consider wishing that Herbert, ha ha”, said Mrs. White. After a while, there was a loud knocking and the maid hurried to open the door. “Hide, and tell the other maids too, hide now!” shouted Mr. White as he came rushing though “Mike, the boss, he has been shot. A guy came to the factory and shot him, so we left the factory in fear, only to realize the pistol that was used is in bag. The bustard must have thrown in my bag to frame me!” shouted Mr. White in front of his family. “The pistol”, thought Herbert,” I wished for a pistol that brought death” It wasn’t long until the police were outside the house demanding to enter. They asked for an explanation of the story, however Mr. White was so terrified and was unable to speak a word. “Ma’am, we’ll arrest your husband until the truth is reveled, or he will be executed” said the officer to Mrs. White while handcuffing Mr. White, leaving his dear wife in fear and tears. “You, are you happy now, you wished for that pistol, now look, your father is gone. You and that awful stone” shouted Mrs. White at her son. Herbert kept starring at his heartbroken mother sobbing, he was speechless. Soon after, all the maids in the house were lining up the front door with their suitcases “Dear Herbert, we have all decided to leave, take a temporary break, as the atmosphere here is unsettling. We will return when things get back to normal. Excuse us” said one of the maids, and left the door to be followed by the rest. Herbert sank down in the chair, lost in thought.  Herbert held it so tight between his hands and whispered, “I wish for the killer to come forth and admit his crime”. He then set the stone aside and stared at the window, battling the feelings of doubt and anxiety. After a while, a tall man in a white suit was knocking on the door. Herbert rushed to open the door, praying for hope. “Dear Herbert, you are to be informed that the murderer has confessed of his crime. However the judge reasoned that your father has helped in the killing, so your father and the murderer will be executed today at court. I’m sorry, send my condolence to Mrs. White.”, said the man as he reluctantly left. Soon, Mrs. White herd the terrible news and came rushing down. She fell to the floor and started crying loudly, Herbert bent down to pick her but she pushed him away. Enraged, Herbert picked the stone and wished his final wish in a strong and loud tone, “I wish that I have never picked this stone back at war”, and as Herbert said his last words, he was pushed back by a great force. Herbert was swiftly awakened by his officer’s command to go out there and fight, he looked around and realized. “It worked” thought Herbert, as he hastily picked up his gun, and raced to the war.