1 Sided Love

Dhiya Ahmed

<i>In a beautiful gigantic mansion lived a tall pretty rich princess who was called Suffiyah  who had no siblings , just her parents who lived with her but in 2012, they past away after a huge car crash in Iraq so this meant that from the age of 17, she lived alone as an orphan in her palace. Even though she lived alone, her generous, big hearted neighbourhood loved her so much that she never thought she was ever alone. Near her mansion lived a poor doorman: Ali who she was deeply in love with despite the fact that he was a cheap poor man who worked as a servant in her neighbourhood. However she wasn't the only on in love with him, but he also heavily loved her forgetting the fact that his and her status were never comparable. So this must've meant that she lived happily ever after with him like all ordinary princesses.</i>..     
<i>NO! Suffiyyah being a wealthy princess, did not have a restful peace life... not when her childhood trustworthy ( she thought) friend: Ahmad was around. Although Ahmad played many useless tricks to impress Suffiyyah, Suffiyyah was unaware of it and told him many of her secrets; even the secret that Ali was the love of her life and that's when Ahmad was heartbroken and started planning to murder Ali. </i>
<i>Wednesday 27th January 2016 was a important memorable ( not in a good way) day for both Suffiyyah and Ahmad. That day was a very stormy and rainy day and at 6pm in the evening Ahmad had called up Ali to meet him near the forest and so Ali met him there. Tying Ali up with thick, heavy ropes and forcingly shoving tissue inside Ali's mouth, Ahmad got his sharp knife out of his pocket and once and for all, he stabbed Ali 7 times on his chest.  </i>
<i><b>Does Suffiyyah find out who finished off her love?</b></i>