Paper Bag


It had been a long day, you tiredly dragging yourself down the cold damp sidewalk from the previous spray of rain while chilling breezes threatened to sweep the tightly held pages right out from your grip. You felt as though your bony spine had turned to solid titanium, making you slouch as you walked home this late in the evening.
You were an author, with hopes of making it big some day like Stephen King or James Patterson, however you quickly realized it'd be much more difficult than previously assumed, unfortunately. You worked yourself nearly to death each day at the library, sitting in front of the screen and tapping away at the keys for hours upon hours of dedicated time, pumping out chapter after chapter. Soon, it turned into one book, then another, and finally a third. You were midway through the fourth, nestled happily in chapter twelve, right where the killer found his way through the air vents to the seventh victim's locked basement where they hid.
You yawned tiredly, allowing your eyes to flutter closed for a few moments as your grip only briefly relaxed in this tranquil second. That was enough to rip three of the pages from your grip, the rustling noise of paper heard as they drifted on the wind, right down an alleyway where shadows stretched and crawled along the walls.
It was dark, mucky puddles scattered across the cracked asphalt, the small sidewalk flooded and overgrown with burgeoning weeds. The dumpster sat up against the wall, rust festering along it's rims, paint chipping and showing the scratched and dented underneath. Covered in a high amount of black and blue graffiti, that was all you could see in the alley except for the two high brick walls on either side of the narrow alley covered in grime. The buzzing and flickering street lamp nearby offered little help in this situation.
"I-I need those papers!" You panicked, whirling away from the sidewalk quick enough to nearly trip and fall, charging down the alleyway without a second thought.
"My papers-" You huffed out in an annoyed mutter, thinking for a few silent moments before a thought came to mind. You reached down to your side while your opposite hand stayed and kept watch over your papers, making sure no more fluttered away as you now tugged out your phone to use as a flashlight in the darkness.
You took one glance towards the alleyway, gulping immediately. Your feet already began moving forwards once more on instinct, your mind deciding ahead of time that your pages were not worth it. "... I'll just... Rewrite them... I should've saved them, this is..." You took in a breath, continuing on down the sidewalk. "A good lesson."