The Girl

Kayla Wikantiyoso

This isn’t like any other stories.
YOU are in charge of this story. You choose your path and ONLY YOU decides your ending. Whatever happens in this story is up to YOU!
There are many consequences, challenges, and risks you can take. Think carefully about YOUR decisions. Make the wrong choice and you WILL face the disaster, which can possibly lead to death. But don’t worry, you can always restart at anytime and choose another path, change your choices, and alter your ending.The story takes place in Charleston, South Carolina. You just came home from a long exhausting week of exams at your college.
You are 18 years old and lives in your own apartment. You were invited to a party tonight at Sarah’s house, but after the party you will also sleep over there with Sarah. Most of your friends have to finish their other project but you already finished it a week before the due date.
Let's get this party started!