Kamitachi Return

By Fynn P, Kieran S, Thomas O, Ted H, Hayden J and Dylan M

Uprus, Amjir, Taegen, Shawn, Brian where at Shawn's house for his birth day. They where all playing monopoly
when Xosio arrives it gets hot. Xosio has to wait for the game of monopoly to finish it, takes hours. When the game finally finishes Xosio joins in for another game. The game goes for a long time and it was really fun. Everybody has fun and it is almost over everybody is racing to be the best property owner. It is a race to the end and every body has an even amount of property's owned and money as well. Brian, Shawn and Xosio are the most competitive of the group Brian and Shawn don't really care who wins but they really like winning the game. They get a little mad when they don't win but they can still enjoy their day. Xosio on the upper hand gets really mad if he doesn't win a game so he tries to win but he does not know that his friends are trying to let him win. 
Brian Wins
Shawn Wins