Be honest - Once upon a time,there was a little girl named Isabella ,she was a very honest girl, and she always had three wishes her 1st wish was to have a big teddy and her 2nd wish was to have a golden gown her 3rd wish was to have a pink bicycle .One day her mother sent her to the market to buy some fruits,there she saw an old lady standing in the crowd.In the crowd the lady's purse fell down(she did not realize it). Isabella was in a hurry to go home,because she and her mother had to go out,but still Isabella went and gave the purse to the lady.the lady thanked Isabella a lot and said"Thank you little girl for giving my purse back to me,you are really honest, nowadays if people find a purse they steal the purse and will never give it back."She asked Isabella her name and address and went.After Isabella went home she went where she had to go and came back in the evening,after a couple of minutes she herd her mom say"sweetie someones at the door" Isabella ran to the door and saw the old lady there which she met in the morning the old lady gifted her a big teddy and said "This was for your honesty now i have to leave ""BYE!! Isabella"now her 1st wish was fulfilled the other day in the park Isabella saw a real gold earring on the park ,she thought i could take that earring home and gift it to mama but as she was going she tripped a rock and fell down, she realized she was doing wrong and then,she went and gave it to the police station near her house.the police man was happy with Isabella and gifted her a golden gown.Now there was only one wish of Isabella to be fulfilled. after a couple of days after Isabella came back from school, her mom said there was some woman waiting for her in her room.Isabella ran upstairs and saw a beautiful lady in her room. The lady said that"The gold earring was mine thank you for giving it to the police" SHE SAID THAT THERE WAS A GIFT WAITING FOR HER IN HER GARDEN FOR HER HONESTY. Isabella ran and saw there was a pink bicycle in the garden.she thanked the lady a lot .now Isabella's all wishes were fulfilled .