I'm moving to Canada!

By Carissa-who-is-wondering-if-this-was-too-much-work-for-a-high-school-project.

So you want to move to Canada eh? Well, Canada my pride itself in being welcoming but it's not as easy as you think. There are a bunch of legal hoops that you have to jump through. Canada may be known as a multicultural and nice country, but getting permanent residence is difficult. For this particular aid, there are four main ways to immigrate, although Canada's immigration system is truly expansive Carissa Gelinas doesn't want to put in more work than she has to so here you go.
<b>You get a phone call as you were browsing google looking for ways to immigrate to Canada. Is it from...</b>
Your future boss?
A charity organization? 
The secretary of your massive business?
A very personal call?
A university?
Your teacher asking for your references?