An extrapolation of the brilliant writing from Mass Effect 1 & 2

By Izuna Theophilou

After arriving at the Citadel, Shepard walks past the dead bodies of the Keepers. A few of them move their limbs, and even fewer of them can move.
"Shepard, do you read? There's something not right here... What is this?" A faint gunshot is heard. Shepard tried to respond but it seems as if his communicator isn't working. A moment later he finds himself in front of a flight of stairs, where the sound of heavy breathing could be heard.
He sees Anderson, shot in one leg, sitting uncomfortably on his bottom. The puddle of blood where the wound is leads to the feet of the Illusive Man who notices Shepard yet still keeps his aim on Anderson.
"Shepard! I'm so glad you came. Sorry I had to shoot your friend, but he doesn't have the gut to understand the responsibiliy we have for the human race!
"Shepard pulls out his gun and points it at the Illusive Man, who doesn't adjust his aim. Anderson looks at Shepard, one arm covering his wound, "do what you have to do Shepard, he's too far gone."
"Too far gone?" Says the Illusive Man, who is still aiming his gun at Anderson, "we have the opportunity to finally protect the human race forever, to control the Reapers and have them prevent anymore disaster to Earth. Shephard, listen to me, we together can achieve this. I know it."
We can't control them!
*Shoot Illusive Man*
You're right.