Cade and I

Svetlana Sonday

Once upon a time, there was an engineer named Cade Yeager. He made many robots. One day, he discovered a Cybertronian named Optimus Prime! He was shocked!
All of a sudden, I come bursting into the Yeager family room. I was crying all over the place!
"I can't draw Cade Yeager!" I shouted at Tessa, his daughter!
"Woah, woah, and woah!" she yelled. "Who can't you draw?"
"I can't...draw....Cade Yeager!" I said in sobs.
"You mean my dad?"
I nodded.
"Well," began Tessa. "It's only on this show. You don't need to draw my dad."
"I need to! I really!" I yelled!
"Stop crying. Here, let me bring you to Cade."
Two minutes later, we were with Cade himself. He saw me crying. He asked what was going on.
"I can't draw your portrait! I can't!"
"Why do you need my picture?"
"I want to remember you!" I yelled back at him.
"That's fine. You know what I can do?"
"No, what?"
I can draw myself for you. Then you can have one. As I do so, listen to some music form my movie."
"That might help."
"Listen, now."
For a couple of minutes, I listened to music from the movie he was in. I felt better after that. Cade came to me then.
"Here! Here's my portrait for you. I drew it for you, the best I could!"
"Thanks, Yeager! I can't draw you, but you can draw you so very well, because it is you!" Tessa laughed!
After that I went back home. At home, I watched AoE! That was where Cade Yeager was inventing stuff! I enjoyed him so much! I am a Yeager!
The end!