Outbreak: Panacea

Brandy Dieterle

Selene holds a photograph in a small, sparsely furnished apartment. Everything in the room indicates she leads a simple life. The photograph has creases and the edges are worn. She loses herself in the photo as she is taken back to their favorite beach spot. A knock at the door shakes her from the reverie and back to the dismal reality. Carefully, she folds the photo and slips it into her pocket. She opens the door with the chain still attached to see three men in black suits.
Selene: “Yes?  Can I help you gentlemen with something?”
*All three men show their badges.*
[One of the three men]:  “Is your name Selene?”
[Selene]:  “Who wants to know?”
[Another one of the three men]:  “Your presence has been requested in front of the Secretary of Defense.”
[Selene]:  “You’ve got the wrong person.”
She starts to close the door but one of the men puts his shoe in the door so it can’t close.
[The last of the three men]:  “Ma’am, please just come with us.  Hear the Secretary of Defense out, then if you still don’t want to help, you can say no.”
[Selene]:  “Fine, but this better be good.”
Pissed off, Selene leaves and follows the three men, but she refuses to leave her back to them.