The Lion King

Arenas, Florita, Esquinas

The herd of wildebeests seemed never ending. Everywhere Simba looked, there were only hooves and dusts flying all around him, hindering him from finding a safe place to hide. The cub tries to run against the cattles, but after being nearly trampled on and pushed, he changes directions and runs with them in hopes of finding somewhere he could stay in while the herd ran. He finds a tree, though weak and frail, but it was more than enough for the cub. Simba quickly climbs it and grips onto the branches with his life, heart thundering in his chest as the wildebeests continue to run from underneath him. Zazu had told him to stay put as he called for his father, but it felt like it'd been far too long since the hornbill had told him that. His grip on the branch was waning and Simba felt like he could not hold on any longer. He...
Continues to hold on and wait for his father to come.
Decides to look for another place to hide.