Blood Forest

Bud Striker

Your face hits concrete and the flash of stars is brief before everything goes to black.
When you open your eyes you have no idea how much time has passed. Maybe an hour...maybe a week. Who knows? You certainly don't. You are very hungry, though.
As you get your bearings you realize you are in the middle of a dirt path that winds its way slightly upward and into the vast forest that lies to the east. You know it's east because you're smart about the sun and stuff.
To the west is a large city that looks a little like Detroit. To the south, an ocean, and to the north...a large hole. You are intrigued by the forest, though. It calls to you. It calls to your <b>BLOOD!!!</b>
You also seem to be carrying a machine gun.
Run wildly toward the city to the west.
The ocean looks enticing, go that way.
You cannot resist...the hole.
Head east toward the forest.