It appears you've fallen asleep at your desk. The floor is quiet, save for the clacking of fingers against keys, the footsteps of coworkers around you, and the murmur of occasional smalltalk. Such is life in the cubicle farm of Circle Studios.
With bleary eyes, you decide that this won't do. What time is it? Certainly, too early in the day to be feeling this exhausted. But then again, you've just had lunch... rice and chicken curry probably wasn't one of your better mid-day meal ideas. The food seems to just sit in you stomach, taking up space and making you feel full, but not satisfied. You're just tired and want to go home.
<i>To the bathroom</i>, you decide. Maybe if you wash your face, retouch your makeup a little, you'll feel right at ease. The wheels under your chair make little sound against the carpeted floors. And off you go to freshen up.
The water feels cool against your face as it trickles down your chin, droplets forming dark circles on the collar of your shirt. When you look in the mirror, who do you see looking back at you?
Someone exhausted, with long hair tied in a loose ponytail.
Someone who comes across as peppy and well done, with short, cropped hair.