D.O walks in to the classroom with his head down. He sits down at his desk and takes his doodle booklet along with the pencil case out from his backpack. He places them infront of him and starts drawing.
The teacher comes in and everyone quiet down sitting down at their seats.
After the first period is over D.O walks last out of the class. On his way to the next class, music, he bumps in to his bullies. D.O says "I'm so sorry I didn't loo-" but the one he bumped in to interrupts with "your own fault for being a fish". He and his crew laughs, then he steps in front of D.O saying "what is a fish doing out of water, maybe we should help him, what do you say?".
They drag D.O to the bathroom but just before they have a chance to get him inside they are stopped by five guys. One of them says "excuse us but we need to borrow this, what you call fish, you know if there's someone who looks like a fish it's you". They laugh and take D.O with them.
D.O lets them drag him to some place while keeping his head down. Once they stop he looks up at them one by one scan through them, then he says "why do you care?". D.O isn't used to someone caring, even his family don't care, why would some strangers do?
They tell D.O who they are and that they are new here, the "leader's" name is Kai, he talks the most out of all five of them. He asks D.O to hang out with them after school and of course D.O says yes.
D.O manages to avoid his bullies for the rest of the day and when school is finally over he walks to the gates waiting for the "strangers". They walk out of school with girls surrounding them. Once they come to the gate Kai takes D.O's arm dragging him with in to a van. There is no room for D.O to sit so Kai pulls him down so D.O is sitting on his lap.
When the van stops everyone walk in to a big beautiful house. D.O follows them in and looks around shocked with his mouth open. One of the guys chuckles and says "you get used to it".
D.O sits down on a couch and Kai asks him for how long he has been bullied. D.O says "ever since my father became a drug addict and my mother a shopaholic with my sister, they had me working to pay rent. they hated me and then my sister got a boyfriend, he and his friends started bullying me, that was seven years ago. my dad died, my sister ran away, my mother is remarried to some rich dude. I'm stuck between hoping she would die and wanting to rewind my whole life". He sighs and start biting his nails.
Kai hugs him saying "I'm so sorry, I promise nothing bad will ever happen to you again... friends?", D.O nods and Kai offers him some ramen.
D.O becomes good friends with so called "EXO k", he is closest to Kai and they like to always be close to each other. D.O quit school since Kai was so concerned, instead he studies at "home" with someone they hired.
One day when D.O, Kai, Sehun and Baekhyun are "home" alone, Suho and Chanyeol went grocery shopping, they decide to play the pocky game. First Sehun and Baekhyun does it, they reach 1.4 cm before they start laughing and lose it. Then D.O and Kai does it. D.O is sitting on the couch and Kai on the floor. Both of them are too lazy to move so Kai just tilts his head up.
D.O places the pocky in Kai's mouth and then slowly eats it, Kai drapes his hands over D.O's head and pushes him closer and closer. D.O tilts his head a little to the side and goes on till their lips touch. Neither of them care, which is weird for both of them, because they somehow like it. D.O slides down from the couch and on to Kai's lap so they can finish the pocky. They end up having nothing left, they brake up and look at Sehun and Baekhyun. Both of their mouths are wide open just staring at D.O and Kai.
D.O is the first one to speak "I, I, I'm sorry I shouldn't have-" but gets interrupted by Kai "maybe not... but I'm thankful that you did". Kai smiles looking in to D.O's eyes.
Just then Suho and Chanyeol comes through the door with plastic bags.
D.O walks own the stairs yawning. He goes in to the kitchen to make tea. Just when he pours water in to the cup someone hugs him from the back saying "thank you for making me tea". D.O was just going to protest but then he realises it's Kai, he turn around holding the cup in his hands. D.O says "but I'm cold" while doing agyeo. Kai says "aww, why don't we go to the living room and watch some TV, we can share the tea".
D.O nods and they go to the living room. They sit next to each other while watching TV and sharing the tea. A few minutes later everyone else start coming down the stairs. They have the whole day free today and it's pouring with rain outside so they decided to stay inside.
It was boring to just watch TV so they decided to play truth or dare. Sehun asks "truth or dare Baekhyun", Baekhyun chooses dare so Sehun says "I dare you to call Lu Han, ask him if they're free, if he says yes tell them to come over, if he says no tell him that you love him".
Baekhyun calls and puts on speaker. Lu Han says they are just on their way to their dormitory so Baekhyun asks them to come here. They agree and when Baekhyun ends the call D.O says he has to use the bathroom so he excuses himself. On his way upstairs to the bathroom he sees a door that he hasn't noticed before. He opens the door and walks in, it's a music studio.
D.O plugs his phone to the computer and choose a song he made a little while ago. He stands on the center of the floor where the mic is. He puts on the headphones and push play, "XOXO" the song starts and he start singing shortly after "xoxo, xoxo, xoxo, yeah". When the song ends D.O says "please don't leave me".
He takes off the headphones and when he tuns around everyone, plus some more people, is standing in the door way. D.O says "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to" but they just stare at him so he says "was I really thet bad?". Lu Han says "You're perfect, just what we need, can you dance too?".
Since that day D.O was a part of EXO. Kai and D.O are the closest and they do a lot of skinship. Later on eveyone else started to do it too, not as much as they do but still. D.O and Kai are just friends for now but maybe some day they will be more than that. It all depends on them.
It has been five years now, EXO is still going great and most of the members have partners. D.O and Kai has been married for three years now and have decided to adopt a girl. They didn't want a baby since they're still in a band so they took a 12 year old girl.
Their daughter Kim Soo Han Moo (Soohie) is now 17. D.O and Kai are still laying in bed even though they have something important to do. Soohie comes in to the room and jumps on the bed saying "appa, appa, wake up we're going to be late, you promised". D.O says "I don't want to go to school" and Kai says "shit, I forgot". Kai pecks D.O's cheek and tells him to wake up then tells little Soohie to go change.
Kai sits in the passenger as D.O get in the driver seat. D.O asks "seatbelts?" and they say "yes". D.O drives to the school and when they're there they say goodbye. D.O lean against the car and Kai turns to him. Kai says "by the way, I'm never going to leave you babe" and then plants a soft kiss to D.O's lips. D.O asks confused "what was that for?" and Kai smiles saying "the first time you sang in EXO k's music room you sai-" "please don't leave me" "and I won't".
D.O pecks Kai's lips and asks "do you wanna drive?" and Kai says "remember your seatbelt". D.O laughs and goes around the car to the passenger seat. They drive to the meet and greet but on the way there they happen to be in a car accident.
Both of them died that day but that doesn't mean they're gone. Soohie wears their rings around her neck every day. She is a tough girl, one day when she is walking through school her enemies bump in to her. She knows she can defeat them but today is not the day.
Just when her enemies are about to kick her someone stops in between them. it's a light motorbike, the guy has a helmet so you can't tell who it is. He says "are you going to hop on, Soohie?" and Soohie hop on putting on the helmet the guy is holding for her. Then they drive away to a lake. Soohie hops off and sits down on a bench taking off her helmet. She thanks the guy and he takes off his helmet saying "it's nothing, by the way I'm Lay, Sehun and Luhan's kid". I look at him and say "oh, hi, nice to meet you, by the way how are they I haven't seen them in such a long time, not since the- nothing"
Lay and Soohie became good friends. Really good friends. They both like to travel so whenever EXO go somewhere Soohie and Lay go with.
<i>Whether it's the best of times or the worst of times it's the only time you've got</i>