Atomic Cat


In this story you will play as a superhero. Not just any superhero, but you will play as the coolest superhero in superhero history. Yeah, Yeah I know too many superheros. Who cares lets just get into the story.You will play as Atomic Cat. Atomic Cat is a mutant animal who got his form and powers from a toxic explosion. His powers are flight, super strength, super agility, and super hearing. You were put into a slaughterhouse before you became a superhero with many other animals. You and all the animals were saved by a toxic explosion outside where the humans kept their toxic waste. Even though you and the others were saved, all of you started to mutate into humanoid animals. Every animal, but you and your sidekick (Pete the Parrot who stayed the way he is and has a sonic scream) used their powers for evil and try to take over the world multiple times. Atomic Cat must save the world from these evil villains, but he can’t do it alone. We need YOU to become Atomic Cat and figure out how to get through his adventures. Let the story Begin.You and Pete are chilling at Animal Hero Headquarters when you hear the crime alert. EHEHEHEHEH. You see that it’s Devour Dog and his gang shrinking people with their new shrink guns DO YOU
Stay put and do nothing.
Go save the day!