Murder Of Joanne Fontain


Narrator-It was on a Saturday when mail carrier Joe Ken was delivering mail to Joanne Fontain.  He knocked on the door.  Joa and Joanne normally would talk for a few minutes.  It seems odd that she is not answering.  He Looks in through the window and sees her lying on the floor.  He rushes in.
Joe-"Ms. Fontain!  "Are you ok? 
Narrator-She is cold to the touch. 
Joe-"Oh my god."  
Narrator-Joe calls 911.
911 dispatch-"911, how may I help you?"
Joe-"My name is Joe, I am a mail carrier."  "Could you send the police to 2434 N Conway Drive."  "I just found Ms. Fontain Dead." 
Dispatcher-"Ok we are sending police and ambulance."  "Did you try and revive her?"
Joe-"She is cold to the touch."  "There is a pool of blood around her."  "She is dead I tell you."
Dispatcher-"I want you to calm down." 
Narrator-"Police and fire rescue arrive within minutes." 
Officer-"Are you the one that called."
Joe-"Yes, I am Joe Millwood." "She is right in there." 
Narrator-"The officer looks for a pulse."
Officer-"She is expired."  "I will radio for coroner and the crime scene team."
Narrator-"Who killed Joanne Fontain?"  Stay tuned for the next part of the murder of Joanne Fontain."
Who Killed this women?