Airborne - Reborn

Alec B. (for Bob R-awesome)

Hello! My name is Matt Cruse and I am cabin boy of the Aurora. Today you will be reading in my perspective and making my decisions. Will you save your friends from the pirate invasion, or will the Aurora be taken down in a storm of gunfire and madness?
Let us start our adventure with some recap. The Aurora is a luxury airship, which flies thanks to the fabled gas and it's mango-scented goodness, Hydrium. Hydrium is lighter than air, many times lighter than helium. Thanks to Hydrium, airships like the aurora are made possible... uh oh! The ship's luxury chef, Vladimir, is approaching. He's a good person, but he's got a nasty temper. "Hello Mr. Mattsy chopkinz! Today me be making feesh stew, or me be making Chop Suey. You have the good tastes, Mr. Mattsy splatsy. You will be the decider!"
Fish Stew
Chop Suey