The Creature of Chernobyl

Tyanna Headen

You were given an assignment of studying the Elephant's Foot at the Chernobyl Power Plant. You accept this project as you and your co-workers head down to the area, completely clothed in hazmat suits to protect yourselves from the radiation that emitted from the surroundings. Before you enter the building, Michael the paranoid lab assisted who was accompanying you on the project had come up to you frantically. He mentions things about the plant being haunted by the ghosts of those where were killed during the incident of the nuclear meltdown and offers you a small woven pouch salt. He says that the salt can be used to dispel evil spirits and protect you from the ghosts. You take the bag of salt.
You and other researchers head inside the power plant and make your way to the designated spot. You arrive at the Elephant’s Foot, a molten mass of nuclear waste, and are amazed by its form and size. Suddenly, out of nowhere the waste bubbles and groans mutating and forming into a bipedal creature that stood almost 10 feet taller than you. It roared making you and the others frighten. As your co-workers ran away do you:
Stay and fight the monster 
Run away with the others