Adventures in the Land of Financial Empowerment

Kimberly Hendler, Julie McVeigh, Adam Roberts, Kate Poole, Anya Rous, Jessie Spector and Amy Warner

In a world of inequity, exploitation, and oppression, some of us are born into relative resources and prosperity. Here, in the Land of Financial Privilege, surrounded by other folks who share this experience, some of us begin to question. We wander outside of the city walls: to the Forest of Confusion and Disillusionment; the Valley of Guilt and Shame; and the Great Bog of Paralysis and Indecision. Eventually, we reach a new land: somewhere messy and contradictory, constantly in process, and filled with new questions.
This zine is written with young people with wealth in mind. We realize there is no universal experience of wealth, so we hope you see yourself somewhere in some of these paths.
Note on using this resource:
This version of the zine is designed in a "choose your own adventure" format with the intention of allowing you to access interrelated material in a path most suited to your needs and curiosity. We hope you will get lost in the content and discover new material each time you read it. Some of the content appears intentionally in multiple locations. Feel free to start over to chose a new adventure after you explore one path. We hope you enjoy the adventure!
If you prefer a more linear version, [| check this out]- it is intended to allow you to jump in and out of the content you need in a given moment.
Welcome to the Land of Financial Empowerment. Let your adventure begin.
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