Layoof productions

Hi my name is Laith and these are my sidekicks Hadi,Judi and Jessie. Hadi id say he is a rowdy person.Judi is addicted to pageant shows. And Jessie is more of a sports girl when ever there is a race shed always dash into the finish line. and of-course there is the principal who is always uptight about everything each time he would get mad he stomps his way to a student and give him detention. So one day we had a fight because of a part in a show so we broke apart and of-course everyone got sad and guttered in one day while i was strolling around the park i saw Hadi and i asked him if he can you forgive me so he said: ok fine i forgive you. The next day we saw we saw Judi and Jessie in the classroom they had already became friends. So me and Hadi went to ask them for forgiveness but it was tough Judi dint want to be friends again that easy but Jessie she wanted so we became friends but Judi asked for a favor so she can are friend we asked her whats the favor she said: will you forgive me?. so then we all became friends and left behind the acting career.And promised not to let anything the best of us.