Quest at Quasqueton

Clyde P. Falsoon

Welcome to the fantasy world of Chronos! You are an adventurer striving for glory, gold, and noble deeds. In order to work through this adventure, you will need some equipment. Let's start you with the standard Adventurers' Kit.
You are wearing heavy leather boots, thick breeches with belt, a shirt, and a cloat to help in the rain. Over all this is a cured leather tunic, which serves adequately as a form of armor.
On your belt you wear a dagger, a short sword, and a small leather coin pouch containing 10 gold pieces (gp) and 5 silver pieces (sp).
You also are wearing a backpack containing 3 rations of food (last about 1 day each--think protein bars), two torches (each last about 2 hours) with a flint & steel tinderbox to light them, and a first aid kit.
As you come across items in the adventure, you are welcome to add these to your inventory, in case they will come in handy. I recommend that you keep track of your inventory on a separate sheet of paper since this interactive story does support tracking inventory currently.
Of course, the best item to take with you is a good set of wits--let's hope you have those too.
<b>Chapter 1. THE QUEST </b>
The town of Greyhawk is a small farming village outside of a once famous fortress. The fortress has been abandoned for some time now, after the legendary Rogahn and Zelligar left mysteriously many years ago. It is now the lair of various evil creatures that have found it a comfortable place to hide out. It is probably ransacked and contains nothing interesting, but rumors tell of great treasures still hidden within. Brave and clever Adventurers could retrieve these treasures by solving the tricks and traps that protect them.
You arrive at this small town's only tavern, <i>The Ugly Ogre Inn,</i> to meet with Maselyn of the University Arcana and Branson of the Fighters' Guild, a meeting set up by your cousin Eldridge, a potato farmer on the outskirts of town.
After introductions, Maselyn says that he would like you to retrieve an item for them, and the Guilds will pay well for the item.
I'm listening.
Naw, I want to fight dragons...