I AM 106

Once upon a time there was a girl named Amy. She was born to a very rich family. Amy has her only sibling elder to her, Sally. Amy was always fond of Sally, she could bend any rules for her. Amy was a happy & selfless girl and she liked to keep everything very simple. Amy loved music as well and art was her key identity.
Everything was just fine unless one day she grows up and learns that her mother has an abusive marriage.
Amy watched her parents fight everyday but she kept quiet. Sally always took care of her whenever things were in a mess.
Those thoughts and incidents inside the house trembled Amy but one day on a fine afternoon Amy went straight into her father's room as she turned to him and asked him to apologize to mother to her utter shock he changed the topic.
Amy's parents separated after long years of fights and luckily Sally & Amy got to be with her mother.
Years after struggling for shelter Amy and her family are leading a happy life of three people. Amy's mother is proud to have her two own daughters by her side.
Sally struggled for jobs as she could not get her high school degree for family and financial issues, but she somehow found some petty jobs to fill up our stomachs and slowly progressed to earn more so that she could have Amy get to a school. Yes you're right, Sally filled up their father's shoes.
Sally is now quiet a grown up and smart lass who works a full time and Amy on the other hand in the years of growing up faced a lot of odds, wherein she had to go through molestation, teasing and bullying. Amy fell down too many times only to stand up as one undef-eatable person. Presently Amy is pursuing for her Masters degree.
Amy has never had a successful relationship, though she tried to keep everything consistent. Amy is honestly passionate about LOVE. But is like always taken for granted.
She hopes to figure out if her life is worthy of something. Amy has been through a lot of struggles in life but still she stands fighting her way through.
If you think life is just a one last chance, then earn it.