21st Century School Dance

Laura Wagner

The end of the school year was quickly approaching and everybody was busy finishing assignments, studying for exams and preparing for the summer. Ella is a junior in high school and has been working all year on her portfolio in hopes of receiving an invitation to a prestigious summer art program in New York City. 
As Ella walks out of class and down the hall towards her locker, she spots her three best friends at the end of the hall. Tara, Jill and Sarah are the most popular girls in school. They’re beautiful, smart, athletic and are always at the top of everyone’s guest list. 
Ella says “hey girls! How was class?”
Sarah rolls her eyes and says “boring as always”
Ella: “aww, it couldn't have been that bad!”
Jill: “Ella, you're the only person I know that actually enjoys school”
Tara: “Come on, lets get out of here”
Ella: “Oh, I have to stay for art club”
Sarah: “Really? Thats lame”
Jill: “Cant you skip it for this week?”
Go to the Art Club meeting
Skip it and go shopping with friends