the kidnapping

by: kaylen breland

Once upon a time... there lived a beautiful, 16 year old, named Mekayla. Mekayla had a good life untill her dad died and her mom got cancer. Mekayla would sit in her window and look at other kids playing but she was took from a normal life ton take care of her mom. one day she went to town to buy some things. she walks down the street and sees a tall man in a trench coat leaning on a wall,looking at her. she keeps walking on and goose into a store. when she gets out she sees the man walking to her she quickly walks away from him and runs home. when she got there she checked on her mom and went to her room. she gose to sleep.... it starts storming and she wakes up. she walks to her moms room and drops to the floor crying. her mom died that night.