The Accident 

Destiny H. and Charlotte S.

Yesterday Nevelon and I went on a skiing/snowboarding vacation without our parents. You see, when we were little we always wanted to be away from our parents. We weren’t old enough our parents would say so we just had to wait when we were older. Now we are both 18 and have moved out.
“I’m so excited about our trip today!” I exclaimed.
<b> “I am too very much,” Nevelon replied. “Where are we going? I forgot.” </b>
“We’re going to Aspen,” I said. “You’re really forgetful, did you know that?” I asked.
<b>“Actually no I’m not I was just wondering.” She replied. </b>
“Are you packed and ready to go? The taxi will be here soon,” I told her.
<b>“Umm not yet just hold on I just got to squeeze my goggles in my bag!” she yelled from upstairs. </b>
“How much stuff are you bringing? We’re just staying there for the weekend,” I said.
<b>“Oh, we are? Well then I got a lot of stuff to unpack,” she answered.</b>
I shook my head and laughed, “Oh Neve..” A horn honked so I grabbed my bags and took them outside for the taxi driver to put in the car. “Hurry up, Neve!” I yelled.“
<b>Ok, well now I’m done and what do you know, the taxi is here already,” Nevelone replied, “so lets get going because I am ready for snowboarding.. how about you Nevaeh?” Neve asked.</b>
“I am ready for skiing,” I replied. The taxi driver took Neve’s bags and put them in the trunk with mine. I got in the back of the taxi with Char right behind me.
<b>“Where to?” The taxi driver asked.</b>
“Aspen skiing/snowboarding resort,” I replied. I watched the scenery as he drove. Aspen was only about 20 minutes away, but neither of us had a car so we just hired a taxi.
<b>---20 minutes later---</b>
<b>“Nevaeh, wake up, wake up, hello? Anybody in there? Fine, but remember you brought this on yourself. Wake up! Wake up!” the voice shouted.</b>
“Ahhhh! I’m up, no need to yell,” I said. I looked around and saw Neve was outside and we were in front of the resort. “Yay! We’re here!” I exclaimed. I opened the door and got out quickly.
<b>“That will be $10 dollars,” he said rudely.</b>
I reached in my pocket and grabbed a 10 dollar bill out then walked over to him and give it to him. “There,” I said, not liking the way he talked to me. I went to the trunk and got my bag out, then my ski stuff. I carried all of it to the entrance of the resort and set it down. Nevelon was right behind me.“Wow, this place is huge,” I said amazed.I grabbed my bag and ski stuff and went inside. I set my stuff down by the front desk and looked around. The lobby was huge. It was like a dome shape with a few chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. There were also a few couches here and there. There was a long line so thats why we had to wait a little bit, but finally we got to the front of the desk and got our room key. I took us a while to get to our rooms because we took the stairs. By the time we got to room 15 C on the top floor, we realized that there is an elevator right next to our door and we groan because we could have just took the elevator. Now were just happy that we got to our room finally. I walk in the room looking around.
<b>“Wow, this trip keeps getting better and better,” Nevelon said in awe.</b>
“I know right?” I replied. I looked around seeing a few paintings on the wall and a couch and flat screen TV in the living round. I wasn’t too impressed with the kitchen since it was a little small, but it will do. I searched a room and found two opposite from the kitchen and down a hall. The hall was to the right when we came in. I went down the hallway and opened the door on the left. It looked liked the master bedroom. “I call this room!” I yelled to Neve. I heard her running this way then I saw her in the door frame.
<b>“What? No fair. You always get the bigger rooms,” Neve said fake pouting.</b>
“Finders keepers, losers weepers,” I laughed a little. She turned around and opened the door opposite to mine and closed. Looks like someone’s in a bad mood. I went over to the closet and opened the door. Wow! It was a walk in closet. I could get use to this. I then walked over to another door and opened it. I went inside and turned the light on. It was a bathroom. My own bathroom too. Cool! I turned the light on and went back to my bedroom then walked in the hall and knocked on Neve’s door. “You wanna go get some hot cocoa soon?” I asked through the door.
<b>“Sure!” Neve yelled, “ But after that we are going to race down the tallest hill still right?” She opened the door and walked out.</b>
“Definitely!” I exclaimed.
<b>“Ok, that’s what I was hoping for,” Neve replied.</b>
“Let’s get some hot cocoa now,” I said.
<b>“But we can’t,” stated Neve</b>
“Why not?” I asked confused.
<b>“Because, have you looked at yourself, we haven’t got our snow gear on yet,” Neve stated smartly. </b>
“Yeah, yeah, I forgot,” I said. I walked back to my room and got out my ski stuff. I put my snow pants and coat on with my ski boots. I put my helmet on with my goggles on them and took my skis in my hand and walked out of my room. I didn’t have poles since I didn’t like them. “Are you ready?” I asked Nevelon.
<b> “I was born ready,” remarked Neve.</b>
“Good ‘cause I’m ready to go skiing,” I said happily.
<b>“ But, you do know you’re going to lose, right?” Neve said joking around.</b>
“Oh! Is it opposite day? I had no idea!” I said jokingly.
<b>“Ha ha ha, very funny Nev,” Neve said annoyingly.</b>
“Yes, I know, I’m the funniest person on the planet! Mwah ha ha!” I said mischievously.
<b>“Well actually when you look up the definition for funny you will see my name there” Neve replied.</b>
“Sure,” I said sarcastically. “Let’s go already! What are we waiting for?”
<b>“I was waiting for you but then you started jabbering you mouth off so now let’s go,” Neve replied.</b>
“I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that,” I said. I started walking down the hall and to the door. I opened it and walked out. Nevelon was right behind me. “We are taking the elevator this time,” I said.
<b>“Yea no kidding, if i would have known that there was an elevator before we could have just taken that but now that we know that there is one now we can take it when ever we want right?”</b>
“You talk too much, you know that, right?” I asked her jokingly.
<b> “You thinking I didn’t know that before?” Neve replied joking with me.</b>
“Let’s go now,” I said. I walked in the elevator with Neve and pressed the 1 button. It took a few minutes because we were on the top floor. When we got to the bottom, I walked out of the elevator and through the lobby the best I could. The boots I’m wearing made me walk like a penguin. Once we got outside I put my skis on and she put her snowboard on. “Race you to the lift!” I yelled laughing already skiing to there.
<b>“ Hey just wait I don’t want to go on the lift alone!” Neve yelled.</b>
“You won’t be alone! I’ll wait for you, you slow poke!” I yelled back at her.
<b>“Hey your not a very nice sister, now are you?” Neve replied to Nev.</b>
“Wasn’t meant to be,” I said. By this time I was already at the lift.
<b>“ Ok hold on I’m coming I just forgot to wax the bottom of my board but luckily it still works pretty good and its fast enough to beat you,” </b>
“Just hurry up, I already beat you,” I said annoyed.
<b>“Ok, ok, now get in the lift now before it leaves,” Neve said hastily.</b>
We got to the area where the lift picks us up and sat down on it when it came. We were on the lift for a minute when Neve spoke.
<b>“Oh my gosh! This is taking forever,” Neve complained.</b>
“We like, just got on here, it’s going to take a while since we’re going to the top of the highest hill,” I said getting more nervous.
<b>“It’ll be fine, I mean, we’re only like, 50 feet off the ground,” Neve said getting scared, “It can’t be that bad. Hopefully."</b>
” We were getting closer to the drop of area so we were getting ready. When we came to the drop off area we got off and went to the flat part of the hill. “You ready for this?” I asked Neve.
<b>“As ready as I’ll ever be,” she replied.</b>
We went to the edge of the flat part and looked at the steep hill in front of us. “Here we go,” I muttered.
<b>“On 3, 1, 2-” she got cut off.</b>
“3!” I yelled and took off. I was skiing so fast I had no idea how to stop. I was about half-way down the hill and decided to try slowing down. When I got to the bottom, I noticed Neve wasn’t down here with me. I saw someone on the hill that wasn’t moving. Oh gosh! Is that Neve?! It is! There were paramedics up there with a snowmobile and everything. They were bringing her down now and I could hear the ambulance coming. They went right past me and to the ambulance i took my skis off and ran to them. I didn’t care if I never got my skis back. My sister is more important. I went up to a paramedic. “Excuse me?”
<b>“Yes miss? We need to hurry up,” he said politely.</b>
“That is my sister in there, I need to be with her,” I said worriedly.
<b>“That’s ok, hop in,” he said.</b>
I got in the ambulance and sat on a bench close to my sister. She was on a gurney and medics were all around her. I couldn’t see her very well either. It didn’t take very long to get to the hospital, but once we got there, people were going everywhere. I tried to be with Neve, but a doctor came to me and stopped me.
<b>“She is in very critical condition. I need you to wait in the waiting room,” he said sternly. Then left.</b>
“Fine,” I said not liking that decision. I felt like I was waiting for hours and I was. The doctor finally came back.
<b>“Nevelon is stable now and wishes to see you,” he said.</b>
I jumped at this news.
<b>“She is through those doors and on the 2nd door to your right,” he said smiling.</b>
I walked through the doors and went into the one he said to go into. “Neve?” I asked going over to her.
<b>Then a nurse came in and stuck a needle in her arm.“She needs to go to sleep, you have 1 minute with her,” the nurse said then left.</b>
<b>“Come here, Nev, I need to tell you something,” Neve said quietly.</b>
“What is it?” I asked her leaning in closer to her.
<b>“I need to learn how  to snowboard before I go snowboarding,” she said before she went to sleep.</b>
I laughed. She is always the one to brighten the mood.