The Cabin

Michael Parachini

You suddenly fell a jarring bump as you are thrown awake from your somewhat peaceful dream.You awaken in a car with the roaring of a struggling engine echoing in the trees surrounding the dirt road. For a moment, you forget why you are here, However a voice from the back seat pushes its way forward. 'Are we there yet?' It complains. "Don't worry, it should be coming up here any second now" Another voice next to you responds. Suddenly, you remember why you are here. Your going on a camping retreat to your friend Max's cabin. Coming along with you are Stephanie, Darrel, and Daisy. You haven't known them for very long but hey, they invited you and you thought it would have been rude to say no. 'Ah, we're here!' Max exclaims as the car's lights illuminate and reveal the cabin. From first glances, it doesn't look like anything special, rundown even. Rain has taken its toll over the years, causing the outside to be permanently darkened as patches of moss from nearby trees dot the roof of the cabin. 'Is this it?' Daisy questions."It looks...." "Bad" Darrel interjects. "Its much better inside, trust me" Max responds. Trusting max, you head on inside.
You open the door to enter, it creeks and dust shakes off it as if no one has been here for generations. As you look inside you notice that isn't the case, its quite clean and gives an almost rustic feeling to it. You walk into a decently sized living room with some furniture, all of which are facing towards an unlit fireplace molded into the wall. along the upper walls are scattered game trophies of various animals such as deer and boar with a small kitchen off to the side. Directly opposite of you is a hallway that stretches out along the cabin with rooms dotting ether side, one for each of you, and a back door at the end of the hallway. 'See, what I tell ya, spic and span and comfier than a hotel.' Max bolsters.
"Now Then.." he continues. "Shall we get started?" Max then pulls out a shining, unopened bottle of clear vodka and gesturing towards everyone. "What else would we have come for?" says Darrel. Eventually, The bottle comes around to you.
You're tired, call it a night
Get drinking