Morning at Sabrina's

Philia Team

Saturday morning. The sidewalk in front of Sabrina's Cafe. An unseasonably warm Winter morning. Victor stands, hands in pockets, eager to dig into a warm plate of French toast. The dew of the morning sinks a chill on his brow. It is a reminder of how he feels now. Upon this assault of his steel fortitude, he reassures himself, "This is when it all changes. I'm about to go 0 to 100 real quick." He enters the cafe. And he sees her. He see the lady he has waited to see all week long. He approaches. He smiles. But all of a sudden he freezes up. How will he greet Rosalie?
A.    A firm handshake. He means business.
B.    Bahh! Greeting? Greetings are for those mere mortals who need introduction.