M Nazarenko

The skies were darkening with the storm clouds about to consume every inch of light. I could only hope it would rain. It has been so long since I saw a lightning. I always loved thunderstorms but the place I lived had those rarely.
So now, sitting next to a large window on the second floor of cafeteria, sipping coffee, I was looking at the magnificent view of the city that was about to get enveloped into complete darkness.
- miss Nike? Anna Nike? - a sudden voice behind me made me lunch a little, pulling me out of the sort of trance which I would occasionally succumb to.
- yes? How may I help you? - I turned to look at a man in his 30s. He wore a suit that fitted him perfectly and friendly smile, that seemed alien to his face.
- may I join you? - he tried his best to seem polite but I could clearly see that this was a creature of power who commands, not asks.
- sure. - It was hard to keep a poker face. I mean, wouldn't you be suspicious if some stranger would approach you on a street and fish you of by name? There are only so many possibilities of his identity. 'A spy, an alien, a dream.' All those means for me to calmly listen and not freak out. At least on the surface.
-allow me introduce myself. Bronwen Harl. I represend a certain organisation and came here in order to offer you a job.
- pleasure to meet with you, Mister Harl. - I need to be careful. Thread lightly and not let him know that I'm about to jump out this window. For some unknown reason I felt strong fear towards that man. And my experience told me that it's better to believe instincts. Too many unspoken horrors later i have reached this conclusion.
- may I ask the specifics of the job and the reason for you to choose me? - 'what the hell is this organisation??!! What do u want with me, mate??'
- I am not in liberty to discuss it. And you were approved to be a strong candidate after we reviewed your qualifications. - 'you are a perfect pawn that is so easy to dispose of'.
- in that case allow me to refuse. - 'not gonna die for you, bastard. You cannot force me in front of that many witnesses.'
- hmm. I guess that is a proper reaction. - suddenly he put rested his elbows on a table and connected hands so that he could support his head. And became 10 times scarier. 'I'm screwed. He's gonna drag me out and no one could stop him. And no one will search for an orphan. Perfect victim, dammit.'
- how we'd, I'm in belief that I might be able to convince you. -'oh no. He's gonna do something nasty.'
And Mister Harl produced a small box and put it in front of me.
-please. - Fear took a hold of me. I was unable refuse anymore. I slowly opened it to see a small necklace with the most beautiful blue stone ever. it looked like it was a drop of lazure sea. I could not resist an urge to touch it to check whether it was actually made of water.
Suddenly, I was within the water. I hold my breath and looked around. I was calm, for some strange reason. The water was the same colour at the stone. So beautifully cleanandtransparent. I could see the rays of light shining through and the sea bed way down there. Moment after I saw something in front of me. It looked like as park of light. It free and expanded until it became a ball of light made of chaotically arranged. It produced the most beatif sound as the lines moved. A force pulled me towards it and I expanded my hand to touch it. A warm enveloped me and I felt it. Felt what it wanted me to do. What it gave me to do what it asked. But it also left me choice to refuse. If I was simply told that I have to do it, I probably would have refused. But it was a gentle being. It was warm and caring. Wielding a sorrowful burden. Yet it still gave thought for those who it asked for help.
'I want to help it.' I thought to myself. For the first time in my life, I met someone so gentle. Whatever humanity was left in me, it filled my empty soul and an instant decision was made.
I confidently dived right into the light. 'I will stand by you. However little, I will give my all.'