The Great Story

Ryan K

Blown away, his fortune in cash, Now his 60th birthday emptier than the bottle of booze beside him. His bones creaked like the old wooden floor of his empty mansion. Selling everything after bankruptcy, he would soon have no home. Squandering through his belongings, he found his passport in a now empty wallet. From the top of the tall wooden staircase came his dog of 3 years teaming with life. The man seemed almost jealous of his dogs liveliness. He called the dog over with a tone in his voice that of a broken man. The soft golden hair of the dog running through his fingers as he stroked his coarse beard, starring endlessly at his passport. A light went off in his head as he rushed to his bedroom. Under his bed lay a small wooden box that had been sanded to perfection, stained dark the grain barely visible. The last of his money, $542 in cash. He rushed to his globe of the world, now cracked in half, picking a place his finger landed on what would be the start of his great adventure, Panama.
I was thinking about adding a magical element to this story in which he finds an unknown land, would it be a better idea to keep it realistic fiction with stories of real life places?