Charlotte's Adventures in Ballerine

E.J. Harrington

Once upon a time...there lived a little girl named Charlotte. Charlotte had magic powers, which came from the invisible wings on her back that only those who cared for her could see. To everyone else, it just seemed as if she had a slight glow, which wasn't odd at all, considering Charlotte lived in a beautiful land named Ballerine, where everything was green and lush, with beautiful trees and flowers as far as the eye could see. Every morning, after waking up with her two pets, Charlotte got out of her downy, velvety bed, put on the prettiest dress she could find, and put her hair back with a matching bow. She also made sure her fluffy white kitty, Marie, and her tiny white and black pig, named Pigee, had matching bows too, because a pretty bow always brought good luck. On this particular day, Charlotte went down stairs and into the kitchen for breakfast, where she found her Mama starting breakfast. Charlotte's Mama and Dada had magical wings just like she did. Every morning, when she got up and came downstairs, her parents would greet her with a huge hug and ask about the sweet dreams she had while they made and ate breakfast. Mama was the best cook. Her wings gave her the ability to imagine whatever she thought of into existence (as long as it was good or kind), just like they did with Papa and Charlotte. And Mama could make absolutely anything! For Marie and Pigee, she made them both a bowl of warm cream and a small baked custard with fresh blueberry drizzle. For herself, Charlotte couldn't decide. After much contemplation, she decided to eat...
almond croissant and cherry custard yogurt
fresh banana nut muffin with a side of papaya cream