Love and Dinosaurs

James Cato

There once was a girl named Kelsey, and a boy named James.<i> </i>They loved each other very much and spent almost every day together. So on a normal day just like any other, they decided to go out to the movies. James had eagerly drug his love to the theater in Shreveport to see the newest entry in the Jurassic park series. The brand new "Jurassic World". It was quite the adventure for James! Kelsey however was not as pumped as her easily excited man child counterpart, but decided to tag along just out of caring about him. A great part of the film reared its cinematic head and sent James into a nostalgic frenzy. However, Kelsey, not being as enthralled, decided she might head to the restroom to take a break from the loud noises and recompose her self in order to <b>survive the night with her boyfriend.</b>
Kelsey goes to the bathroom
Kelsey stays with James just cuz yo