The Beginning


Well it started like any normal day I wake up my mom tells me to be careful out there. I go to UA Kacchan is being a butthole like always. finish school and go home go to sleep and start all over again but then one day the villains came to attack. Everyone tried there best to attack but they did a sneak attack to where the pro hero's wouldn't notice. "give them back or else" says Aisawa angrily "or else what" tomura says without any expression "you're gonna erase my quirk ooohhh I'm so scared I never thought id be scared about my quirk being erased when I'm not using it". Tomura turns around and looks at kurogiri "lets go" they enter the portal to a very dark place that looks abandoned. "were here kids" as Tomura let out the kids Bakugou came out and tried to beat them with his quirk but failed "what the?" said Bakugou looking puzzled "your quirks won't work in this place its a anti-quirk zone so its useless to try and kurogiri why don't you show them their new room" said Tomura while leaving kurogiri. "come on guys lets go" kurogiri said while leading the kids to the room "like I'm gonna follow you" said Bakugou stubbornly "come on Bakugou just do what he says" said Kirirshima "just think of the punishment we might get" said Mina agreeing. The rest started to say things to Bakugou except for Deku he just stared at the floor the whole time like nothing was going on. "FINE FINE JUST QUIT WHINING ALREADY" Bakugou yelled. "follow me" Kurogiri said as the kids followed him. "were here" said kurogiri with a some what happy voice. Inside the room it was just nothing but a whole set of what seemed like twenty beds or more and two toilets and sinks. "this is were you'll be staying enjoy it while you can ill see you in a minute" as kurogiri left the room and locked the door all the kids had a worried and scared face. "Deku are you ok" Uraraka said looking worried. Deku just stared off into space. Bakugou went up to Deku waving his hand in front of him "hey Deku snap out of it before I beat you up" Deku just kept staring in space "FINE have it your way" Bakugou held up a fist. "HEY STOP this is not a way to settle this" Iida tried to calm everyone down. "YA GUYS we can fight through this were hero's after all" Uraraka said with a smile. Everyone brightened up immediately after Ochako said that well at least everyone Deku was still staring of into space. Bakugou got irritated but deep down he was also worried about Deku. "Alright well what should we do well since we cant use are quirks we cant fight the villains and we need to find a way out" Iida was trying to discuss a way out "but the only way we can get out is if we get out of this room" Todoroki also tried to discuss a way out. While most of the class was trying to find a way out some people tried to see what's wrong with Deku "are you feeling ok Deku" Momo asked in concern. But as expected no answer. The door finally opened and Kurogiri came in "whos ready to eat" he asked with delight. The kids followed kurogiri to what seemed like a cafeteria but full of villains. A girl walked over and introduced herself to the hero's. "Hi I'm Toga Himiko nice to meet you". She greeted everyone with a smile but then Deku caught her eye and walked over to him. "Oooooo what's your name? What's your blood type? Are you free for dinner?" the energetic high school student asked but again no answer from him. She just smiled and looked at him more "ok ill deal with you later" she turned around and said "welcome to the cafeteria this is the place where youll be eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner here with the villains like me" Toga smiled. Dabi walked past Toga "oh ya this is Dabi he's my friend" Toga pointed at Dabi "I'm no ones friend" he said as he walked away. "anyway its dinner time so lets eat" Toga walks over to Deku "ill borrow him" Toga takes Deku to sit at a table. everyone grabs a plate and starts talking in the dinner line "I bet there gonna give us food that you usually get in prison" Mineta said while trying to see what food there getting while there in line "I don't know I think I smell something good" Kaminari said sniffing the air. 
They were waiting in the lunch line for their dinner. "wow this food is so good" Uraraka said with a mouth full. "yes this is quite delightful" Iida said without expression like always. Deku was staring off into space like a corpse "why don't you eat a little cutie" Toga was trying to feed Deku but he would only take little bites and not normal ones. "hey half n half bet your worried about that nerd over there with the crazy lookin chick" Bakugou said while having a smart smile. "what crazy lookin chick" Todoroki asked. "wha-" Bakugou looked over there and there was no girl but before he could finish his sentence their was a knife around his neck "before you talk bad about someone why don't you think about who your talking about oh and one more thing I'm Toga" Toga said rapped around Bakugou with a knife. "alright everyone its getting late why don't we all go to bed" Tomura said while leaving