Scenario C - Captured Explorer 


Rose wakes startled and disorientated. Immediately she tries to stand and flee, but she can't move. She notices that her wrist around bond together behind her back, she had been sat against a pole. She tries to pull hoping to release herself. But it doesn't work. She looks around, trying to work out where she had found herself. There's not a lot to look at though, the room she's in is dark, she can make out some form of table to her right, not close enough to reach, but close enough to see. There is also a stair case at the far end of the room. So she can assume that she's in a basement. Voices echo from outside the room. She can't tell what they're saying, but they're getting closer.
She pretends to still be asleep, hoping that it will help her. 
She starts to call out trying to grab the attention of whoever is close by.