Once upon a time...
there was a girl a shy cool funny loving weird girl and she was always a good girl until she got bullied to be something that she wasn't she then started acting different, feeling different, and being different she got wild and started talking to boys she even talked her brothers best friend she got her phone taking away and started finding old phones in the house and using them to get on face book and other social media sites she always thought she knew everything that was going on and she would never get caught until she did and right before that she had got hurt by one of the boys she actually thought she liked then by her brothers then by her sisters then her friends, family, and finally the person she never thought would hurt her the person she loved the most (HER MOM) after that her heart broke she got used to being called a thot or boy crazy and crying herself to sleep and people talking about her behind her back, getting embarrassed because she was 12 almost thirteen still bed wetting it used to take a lot for her to cry but now it seems like tears just fall out of her eyes she is depressed, lonely, tired of life and sometimes she thinks about killing herself to ease down the pain its like getting shot with an arrow and not being able to pull it out, being trapped in a room never to see the light again but no one cares every time I try to talk to someone they always say try it or curse at me and yell at me, call me stupid, or naïve, but no one will ever understand how I feel inside the girl then became happy because she got to go to camp for six days to get a break but people end up taunting her, calling her names, and her brother knew about and didn't defend her then tried after she confronted him and the saw when she was crying at the table he came up to her and told her she was feeling stupid because he didn't even know about any of it basically rubbing in the fact the he told on the people but when the girl told her mom what happened all her mom did was tell her to stop f*****g lying and get out of her face so the girl started to cry later that day she asked her brothers to go to the park one of her brothers immediately shut her down said that he was tired of her trying to use him to go see boys, her being boy crazy, and she just wants to go to the park to see boys she cried her mom asked what was wrong and she said nothing so her mom got mad the girl the continued to cry and started thinking of killing herself again she's crying out for help and no one cares please help her )=