The Little Merman


Once upon a time, there was a baby merman resting in a little clam cradle. His mother had died during his birth; the father's grieving, not wanting to see his newborn son at the moment.
One merman swims up to him, "Sir, what name have you decided upon?" The grief-stricken father look at the merman with fresh tears in his green eyes, "Allow me to take a moment, when I see him is when I'll decide his name." The merman nods in respect and swims off.
The father slowly rises from his spot and swims over to the newborn child. The child slowly opens his light blue eyes, the current of the sea gently ruffles his black hair, his fins are carefully covered by a small blanket his mother had finishes weeks ago.
The father picks up the child.
The father carefully unwraps the child.