Drop angel


It just another day in Deborah life's, she started to cook for dinner. but her cooking skill still is not getting better after a 3 years tries. she went to hall to take phone, but she keep staring at phone waiting for her mom's call. Then, suddenly she smelt a burn smell, she ran back to kitchen and saw the chicken meat already in dark color. She regret for wasting a quite amount of meat. When she wondering what to do with the burn chicken, she saw a crow outside her house. She throw the chicken meat and hide to see the crow reaction. The crow started to use its mandible to move the chicken and bite it slowly. Deborah's eye met with the crow's eye. She felt sudden shivering, and try to avoid the eye. The crow started to fly through the window make Deborah frightened and ran into her upper room and hide behind the door. She close her eyes but her ear's can't be mistaken, she heard her name call in sweet voice. Her heart feel suffocated, only she at the double-storey house at the moment. Her parents will be late. Then she saw a shadow underneath the door, and she brave herself to see it. She saw a small girl outside the door and a lot question started to fill in her head. The girl answer before Deborah question her, she told her that she is the black crow outside her house just now and she felt lonely and when their eye's met, Suzy felt a electromagnet happened. Deborah's head still have a lot of unanswered question, but she pity at the little girl. She hold her and bring her to eat and let her sleep. Before Suzy sleep, she said that her brother will come look for her, with her small eyes, she asked whether her brother can sleep also. Deborah without second thought said can. Deborah's hand hold tie the girls, she fall sleep too. A cold breeze air made Deborah woke up, and she saw a boy staring at her. She recall back that the boy is Suzy little brother. He too charming. Deborah wave hand to him and ask him to come near her. He walk through her without any question. She touched his hair and asked him to sleep first. He lie down and close his eyes.
The morning bird singing sound woke Deborah up. She rub her eyes and opened it slowly. She had a weird dream yesterday night. She rotate her head to do small exercise. A handsome guy and a beautiful girl sleep next to her. She shouted and ran to a corner. Two of them also woke up after the sudden shout. The girl walk towards her and called her name in sweet tone. Deborah wondering how she know her name and try to recall back what happened yesterday. Suzy...Are you SUZY? The girl reply yes by smiling towards her. Then Deborah finger started to point at the boy, Suzy help the boy to answer that he is his brother. Deborah' s head started to dizzy, she asked how this can happen? From a crow to little girl then to big like this. Suzy started to explain that they are actually this size but they will change to little children if they feel unsafe. The crow is a curse for this two siblings when Suzy was 6 years old. And the curse still on them. Deborah eyes started to become red, and she asked their actual age, Suzy is 15 years old, she younger than me one year old. The boy come near me and he introduce himself as Roy, he is really charming in his own ways. Roy is one year younger than Suzy. Deborah have a new feeling, a big sister feeling for this two new person. She bathed and prepare food for them. It felt like a two angel from paradise staying at her house. Her eyes can't take away from them, they really rare beautiful human species. She brought them to nearest market to buy few sundry item. Deborah when walked with them feel like she is the youngest because she physically shorter for her age and they are taller than her. But the fate cannot change which made she is elder than them. She saw few of customer in that market whispered between them. Maybe their also been hypnotize by their beauty. Inside the car, she asked whether they own any citizenship card, they shake their head. So the first thing which Deborah had to do is to get their card. Roy change to crow and fly away from the car. Suzy and Deborah doesn't know what had happen. He fly back inside car and his hand holding birth certificate. All of them straight went to governmental office to settle this first. Deborah hand them a card saying without this, both of you can't have anything. She explain to them the usage of citizenship card. Deborah bring them to huge shopping complex, Roy pass her money which he brought from home. It's a lot. She ask them to look for their own preferences clothes. It just took them around thirty five minutes to choose their clothes, but their fashion style is thumbs up. Deborah paid the money and asked them if anything lacking. Roy with full confident said they already buy all. She pulled their two ears, asking where is their inner wear. Their face change to pale, make Deborah's smile. The cashier shocked see Deborah sudden attack. Later, Deborah bought them toiletries and few items. And she gave back the balance of money to Roy.
At home, Roy forced Deborah to get out from kitchen. She told to watch movie with Suzy. Sudden a slap appear at Roy face when he hug her. The apron in Deborah body fall make her realized, Roy actually untied the apron string. She feel ashamed, and straight away walked out from kitchen. Suzy with laughed voice saying that Roy know how to cook, just let him to cook. A nice aromatic spread full the house. Deborah walk toward the kitchen and saw how surprisingly Roy cook. He focus on his food and unaware she looking at him. He saw her and asked her to help by organizing the food in table. Deborah ask sorry and he smile while looking at her. <b>....to be continued</b>