Fatal Choices 


The room you are currently in are so dark and empty. No other sounds can be heard except yours. You tried to remember how did you ending up here but its very vague. You stand up and suddenly there is voice from a speaker.
<i>"Good morning sunshine. Did you had a good sleep? Life is all about choices. Decisions need to be made every time. Today, you will be given the opportunity to make your own decision for others. Are you ready Joshua?"</i>
Suddenly there is light turning on. You saw a shirtless guy in front of you, being tied to the wall. There is pipe from the tank that enters to his mouth. He seems unconscious.
<i>"This guy seems nice but his hobby is to capture small and weak animal and force them to drink non-stop by putting a tube into their mouth. It is time for him to feel his own medicine, don't you think so Joshua? However if you think he deserves another chance, you could save him by finding a key to open the box to stop the water flowing into him. The choices is yours but don't take such a long time to think."</i>
Save the guy
Let him die