Beneath the full moon

K.J. Ritchie

I look unwillingly into his deep blue eyes. His white smile glints beneath the wiry misty night and slowly his warm fingers entwine with mine. I sigh, why must i be a vampire? His scent burns my throat rapidly but I swallow the pain and walk slowly into the meadow.
"We shouldn't be doing this, I might kill you!" i shout in a hushed alarmed tone. He shakes his head and laughs quietly. He twirls me around in the center of the dark meadow and holds me tight in his arms. He tilts my chin a softly brushes his hot lips against mine. A shiver shots down my spine and my arms ripple with goose bumps. The cold winter air licks my cold cheeks lovingly as i mold into the shape of his body. He holds me there for a while as if never wanting to let go. His heart is at a steady beat but with every passing second its beats faster. He pulls away for a breath, his eyes hold mine tenderly.
"You are so beautiful," he smiles, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. Through his eyes I can see mine, glowing with a blood colored luster.He kisses me again passionately, his tongue slipping into my mouth, wetting my lips ever so slightly. I can feel myself slipping from control, my fangs are starting to bare, my throat burns intensely with hunger. I lightly kiss the edge of his color bone, tipping his head back, I lick up his exposed neck. Without a second thought I crunch into his neck, his sweet blood coating my throat like honey. I gulp down his blood slowly at first but its so delicious, I just want more. Closing my eyes I savour the taste.
"Oh Crystal, hungryn again I see," he whispers softly. I open my eyes slowly and pull away. And as I do a loud click starles me. I turn around to see a silver hunters gun pinted directly to my heart. Bang.