Major League Dreams

Jack Ross

Ever since you were a child, it has been your dream to play Major League Baseball. You spent years playing catch in the backyard with your father and taking hundreds of swings at the batting cages -- sometimes until the wee hours of the following morning. Hard work. Determination. A dream. These things kept you motivated when it got tough. They kept moving you forward until you got to where you stand today. Until you got to the big leagues. And what better time to make your first appearance than game 7 of the World Series. That's right. After two years of grueling work in the minor leagues, you finally got called up in late September for roster depth and made the playoff squad. Coach hasn't needed your big bat yet but after the team's star right fielder went down with an injury, it's your time to shine. Your goal? Make it to the game on time and win your team the World Series.
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