Jesse was a boy. Jesse was tough, funny, and kind... and Leah never realized it... but Jesse was the kind of guy you fall in love with, without even realizing it. Jesse and Leah were Best friends since the beginning of 6th grade. Always hanging out... He always had her laughing, always there for eachother, the best of friends. But the february after they met, Jesse had some news. Jesse would be moving all the way accross the country... To california to live with his dad. Leah cried for minutes, hours, days and weeks, never able to stop. Jesse was dating Jasmine, they had to break up when he moved, jasmine cried as long as leah but she was on the rebound. Leah however, gave up on everything. School, housework, she gave up on trying to have a new best guy friend. She thought when he moved they would keep in touch, but they only talked once or twice every month or two. Leah has yet to find another guy friend. She needs Jesse back.Jesse has always been in love with her, and Leah never knew it, But she has always loved him too. Now hes over 2000 miles away. She dosnt talk to him... and shes starting to holucinate... seeing him everywhere..,. hearing his voice, shes going insane. what should she do???
Leah NEEDS a solution. but what? She needs to get jesse back... but what if he never comes back...?