crazy step mum


I never understood why my step mum didn't like me but I just had to get on with it I couldn't allow her to destroy me and my dads relationship. I was 12 when this incident took place, it was Friday the 18th of June and I had just arrived at my dads house from a long exhausting day at school. My mum and dad had split up over a year ago, so they no longer lived with each other but happily lived near each other so I would stay with mum for one night and dad the next. Today it was dads day and he was coming home later today so I had to say in the house for a couple of hours with her my step mum. I hated her and she hated me, I don't know why but she was so controlling and sneaky. anyway back to the story, when I arrived home I put my bag and coat in my bedroom and headed into the living room to chill out. She was sat there with the blinds shut and she was dressed up in a pale white, that's a bit strange I thought to myself but I didn't really care. she sat on the sofa with a bible in her right hand a cross in the other. As soon as I walked in I head back out, weirded out by what I had just seen I didn't notice her looking at me so i though and I don't even think she knew I walked in. I just shrugged and headed to the kitchen which the doors were shut, the doors are never shut, I tried opening the door and wouldn't open, I stared to get really worried now. I knew she was up to something, I raced up the stairs and ran for the bathroom to try lock myself in, that was locked too. WHAT! is going on, now I knew this was a trap there was no where for me to hide. I began to cry and I could hear from underneath me walking around and laughing, I ran to my bedroom pushing my cabinet in front of the door and rummaged through my coat pockets trying to find my phone I dialled 999 and told them that my step mum was trying to hurt me I explained what happened and the man on the other side said he was sending someone over right away. me being stupid ended the phone and hide under my bed. I know what your think what you are crazy that could all be a coincidence but no first of all she is not religious second of all the kitchen doors never shut because when you shut it they automatically lock and no one has the key and thirdly the bathroom door being locked well you can only lock it from the inside so I had my right to call the police. i could hear her slowly walking up the stairs mumbling some spell it sounded like in Spanish she cant even speak spanish. I closed my eyes tightly and prayed for someone to save me. I passed out from the heat in my room, I woke up to the police shining a blinding torch in my eyes I sprung up to see my dad sitting with his head in his hands over at my step mum they pulled me down as I tried to scream all that was escaping my lungs was a low moan that not even a dog could hear. The next few hours where a blur but what I do remember was me being rushed to hospital with my mum by myside the whole time. When I had got my head around what I knew I needed to know more so I asked my mum she replied with "your step mum is very ill and she though you where a demon so she wanted to christen you but were she had locked all the windows and doors it was so hot in the house you too passed out from sun stroke". it was hard to believe but I recover and never heard from my step mum or my dad again until I'm writing this 18 years old and I just found out what really happened my dad had been taking some tablets which his GP gave him to help him with his job and sleeping, he was a football coach during the day and a security guard at night and he couldn't afford to fall asleep on the job as he was struggling with money and needed to be there for his team too, the side effects for these tablets where to switch personalities and to loss appitite. So my step mum released what was happening and forced him to eat 3 full meals a day he kept telling her that it was because of me and that he needed to take these tablets to get me what I needed. so my stupid step mum started to hate me because dad wasn't loving her as much as me so she done some voodoo thing and every night she would come into my room and cut a line of my hair off my dad noticed what she was doing. he threated her and told her to leave but she just told him that after the curse was done she could live happily after with him me and her, as dad had a switching personality he didn't really care and the 18th was the day where she was going to put a spell on me so I was under her control the police found notes and the bible I saw in her hand wasn't just any bible it was a bible to the devil she was going to kill me and sell my soul to the devil for love with my dad. And they also discover drawing of what looked like a nice home with her and dad sat inside and my skin hanging out side on a tree saying I told you it was just going to be me you and her! and still to this day their missing people so who do I blame my step mum for wanting to kill me or my dad for being blind to her killing wife? you decide how my story ends!