Tyrone Raulin: Life of an Escapee

Noah, Eli, Ryan, Nick

Intro: Abraham Lincoln is going through his first inauguration on March 4, 1861. It will go over how the civil war between the north and the south will begin soon over slavery, about how Abraham offered the south to keep the slaves as long as they joined the union again. This causes the U.S. to split even more now that it was addressed to all of the public by the new president, who wanted to stop these conflicts as soon as possible but ended up doing more than he originally thought he had to. Your name is Tyrone Raulin your age is twenty two, born and raised as a slave in virginia on a small plantation. Tyrone Raulin you have a few choices since you’re a slave…
Remain a "Slave"
Escape by "The Underground Railroad"
Escape by "Train"