1st Day of Summer

Maryna Sinkevich

It was June 1, 2018 and you finally started summer vacation. To celebrate you want to have a sleepover party with your closest friends. Your mom and dad leave home for 3 days on a business trip and leave you to watch after your bratty 9 year old brother. Its now 9pm and your friends start arriving. First your best friend Hannah, then Julie, and lastly Kim. 3 hours go by as you talk and laugh, but now everyone is getting bored. "Oh, I have an idea!" says Hannah, "Lets go to the lake, your brother is sleeping and its not that far only 2 miles away.". Hesitantly Julie replies and says, "Umm I don't know its already 12 and your mom told us to not go outside after 9pm. Lets just go to sleep, its getting late anyway.". Your friends look at you for your opinion.
Lets ALL go to the lake.
Leave Julie at home and go to the lake.
Go to bed.