the boy who getting hyptonized.


There was once a little boy who were namned michael he were living with his 1 sister and mother in a little cabin in the woods at night he could see things like shadows and hear people talking in his closet, mirror and TV. Everytime he saw or heard something he walked to his mom and asked what was going on and she said that the angels that were watching over them were talking and showing themself for him but his little sister didn't see or hear anything so one night he were looking into a spring in his mothers room and Michael saw her sitting in the corner of the room shaking and scrathing her self and talking into thin air and crying Michael wanted to go in and ask her what was going on but when he would open the door, the door shut hard and locked itself he was scared and ran into his room hearing his mother growling like a dog and sense the smell of sweat all around the house this was going on a long time, so one day Michael walked into her room and asked what were going on and the door shut closed so hard that little Michael screamed of fear. He saw the shadow creeping up on him and little Michaels mother screamed NO, NO NOT MY BABY PLEASE NO, little Michael said, mom he just wants to play. The shadow opened the door and little Michaels mom tried to move but the shadow did something to her that made so she couldn't move and the shadow opened all the doors and took the boy outside and said to the little boy, you will all be better soon just follow me into the woods and do exactly what i command you, the shadow hypnotized the kid to go into a little house in the woods and pick up a shotgun and go back to the house where his family lived and kill them he started with his little sister he didnt cry when he shot her Michaels mother called the police and when they came there they heard a shot and that was Michael shooting his own mother and he were taken in into rehab and committed suicide with a knife he got from the food cafeteria and then the shadow followed other people untill the shadow die but none know what it was or how it happened to be a murderous shadow or just hallucinations.