Calvin the Cactus

Rosmady Liriano

Calvin the cactus is an advertising agent of the Firm called<i> Clothing Line 200</i>. He is 24 years old, and is already a dependable asset to the company. He made a new policy to make the company a little care free. Instead of casual Friday he made Hug day Wednesday. Calvin had not yet gotten his spikes so he assumed at that age it will never happen. So he lived his days as a normal human being. It turns out Calvin was a late bloomer, and on his 25 birthday his spikes came in. His whole life turned a different direction. People no longer could be beside him on the bus. He had to change his mattress to wooden when he had a water bed . On Free Hug Wednesday, he gave his co worker Bob the balloon a hug and ended up injuring him. Week after week, co workers were getting hurt on Free Hug Wednesday, and no one wanted to be around Calvin. He was told he had to work from home until he got rid of his spikes. Calvin tried everything to get rid of his spikes. He heard dumping yourself into dog fetus would get rid of it, nothing happened. Calvin decided to cut his spikes with a scissors, nothing happened. He tried a chain saw and it worked for a little bit. However, when he woke up the next day, and his spikes got thicker. He tried every trick on the book but couldn’t get rid of them. He had given up hope.
Calvin hears a knock on the door
Calvin packs up his things