The timemachine 

Made By Etienne Nooyen

<b>J<i>ohn Johnson was a very good indventor. he was from the year 2166. He had many very good ideas. He had a very special gift he was thinking of the impossible. One day he thinks of make a time machine, Then one day a colleague. He said if you going to make a time machine are i gonna help you with it. That was John very glad for. Then they began to build a time machine. The name of the colleague where Rip Cheng. Then one day John and Rip wanted to test the machine but the machine broke in pieces. They was very sad becouse it took 1 year. It was very hard to make this machine and it took very long time.</i></b><b><i></i></b>
They are giving up and thinks of ofter things.
They are starting over again.