A hate hate relationship

just another person

The night was dark and little Barly was sitting in his bed,crying.He was crying because of the thing st the end of his bed.His room layout was his bed is at the back of the room looking at a cuboard and 2 windows.The little `monster` sitting at the end of the bed was called charlie. Barly brought Charlie in Romania and thought he was just an ordinary doll.
"What you crying about Barly" said Charlie in a taunting voice. "GET OUT OF MY LIFE"screamed Barly at the doll. Barlys abusive to say the least step mother burst into the room with a ladel in hand. "Shut up you sickly disgrase."hissed suzzy [Barlys abusive step mother.]The gastly woman beat the boy into tears as the wooden smile grew bigger and bigger on the wooden,cold face